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Good evening and welcome to the annual President’s Dinner for faculty and staff. We gather this evening as colleagues and friends to mark the beginning of a new academic year. Ours is a high calling. We have the rich privilege of providing “An Education with a Christian Purpose” to a great group of students. Thanks to each of you for the vital role you have in fulfilling this mission.

This evening’s program booklet chronicles many of the accomplishments of your co-workers. Others are being recognized this evening for reaching significant milestones of service to Olivet, and we welcome an outstanding group of new members to the faculty and staff.

We hope you have a wonderful evening, and a rewarding and joyful year!

From Jill and John Bowling

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Faculty Member of The Year

Dr. Glen Rewerts, Chair of the Department of Business School of Professional Studies

Staff Member of The Year

Marlin Wallace, Director of Student Accounts