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We are pleased to welcome each of you to the annual President’s Dinner for Faculty and Staff. Tonight we begin again. Even now the campus is beginning to buzz with activity as a new year gets underway. Fasten your seat belts!

This evening we celebrate our shared life and work knowing that what we do here, we do together. Ours is a high calling. At Olivet we believe that higher education ought to have a higher purpose as we integrate faith and learning. Thanks to each of you for the vital role you play in the educational process.

Please take a moment during the dinner to review the program, which chronicles many of the accomplishments of your colleagues and friends. Others will be recognized for reaching significant milestones of service to Olivet. We also welcome an outstanding group of new members to the faculty and staff.

We hope you have a wonderful evening, followed by a rewarding new academic year. God bless you.

From Jill and John Bowling

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Faculty Member of The Year

Bill Bahr, Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sports Science Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Staff Member of The Year

Thane Moore, Media Services Manager