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Rebecca Taylor


Claustrophobia can be defined as the fear of enclosed spaces such as small rooms, tunnels, elevators, and basements. Some of the symptoms a student with claustrophobia may experience are both physiological and psychological. Claustrophobia affects three out of every one hundred people. For example, a college with a population of 2500 undergraduate students could have on average 75 students that would be claustrophobic. Of those 75; there is a chance that some may not even be aware of their claustrophobia. One of the purposes of this thesis is to assess if alleviating the occurrence of claustrophobic incidents could possibly improve the overall ability for a student to achieve in the classroom. A literature review was conducted to evaluate claustrophobia and the Quality of Life (QOL) of the classroom environment and yielded no results. A student with claustrophobia in the classroom setting is a topic that is not researched. A study is proposed to address claustrophobia in the classroom and the student’s reported (QOL).


M.A. in Professional Counseling thesis completed in 2012 for Olivet Nazarene University.