Events from 2023


The Effect of Education on Support for TNR as a Method of Feral Cat Management, Katie Bishop


The Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on the Self-Esteem of College Students, Maggie Van Heemst

Events from 2022

The Department of Behavioral Sciences: Selected Student Research Projects, Janelle D. Parish and John Adams

Events from 2021


Impact of Mindfulness Training on Test Anxiety in College Students, Lindsay Alcock

Investigating relationships between religion, politics, self-compassion, and attitudes toward social justice, Elaina Callahan


Situational versus characterological factors in relation to loneliness, Lukas Dale


The reliability and validity of the Open Enneagram of Personality Scales, Kayleigh Kastelein


Investigating relationships between perceived social support, neuroticism, flexibility, and covid-19 related stress., Patricia Purnell

Caffeine Consumption as a Predictor of Academic Achievement, Procrastination, and Stress in Undergraduate Students, Alondra Ramirez and Sarah Madeline Carr


Attitudes toward persons with intellectual disabilities in the public workplace., Brooklyn Shaw

Religiosity and relational anxiety: A cross-denominational study, Timothy Steininger


Time to stop worrying: A correlational study on individualist versus collectivist time perspectives and anxiety, Anna Waldron

Investigating relationships between religiosity, sense of power, and prejudice., Amanda Zaragoza

Events from 2020


Personality Traits as Covariates of Rock-Climbing Performance in Novice Rock Climbers, Courtney Gearhart

Predicting Attitudes toward Posthumous Organ Donation from Conscientiousness and Religiosity, Alexi L. Zastrow

Events from 2019


Quantitative Research Projects in Psychology, Tabitha Joyner, Keely Dugan, and Sarah Johnson


The Relationship Between Faith Maturity and Life Satisfaction, Amanda Roche


Mental Health First Aid Training for College Students: Evaluation of Effects on Students’ Knowledge and Responses to Mental Health Issues in Their Peers, Erica Sandtorv

Events from 2018


The Relationship Between Musicianship, Academic Motivation, Academic Achievement, and Self-Esteem, Ellie Krumsieg


Stigma as a Predictor of Parental Willingness to Seek Mental Health Services for Their Children in Rural America, Reed M. Smith

Events from 2017


An Examination of How Sleep and Employment Variables Relate to Academic Success Among University Students, Sarah Albertson

Male Body-Satisfaction and Ideal Body Images in the Media: A Positive Intervention, Sarah Allison


Age and Gender Biase: Students' Willingness and Likelihood to Pay Attention in Chapel, Madison Badiac

Empathy Towards Police Officers, Elizabeth Lemus Figueroa and Jacari Jackson

The Effects of Music and Training on Stress, Performance, and Cognitive Interference, Anna George

Empirical Correlates of Mental Health Stigma, Emily Raduns


What's More Important: Design or Content? An Analysis of the Impact of Website Design, Argument Quality, and Need for Cognition on Information Assessment, Luke David Salomone

Events from 2016

Facial Trustworthiness of Riding Sharing Services, Ashley L. Brieschke

A Practical Approach to Address Pornography Viewing at Olivet, Jacob T. Ruetz

Undergraduate Research Projects, Students in Dr. Young's Quantitative Research Class

Undergraduate Research in Psychology Hour, Various Psychology Students

Submissions from 2015


The Changing Healthcare Roles of Behavioral Health Professionals and Benefits of Contemporary Education and Training, Jaimie Chen, Samuel Mayhugh, and Houston Thompson