In his 1990 work entitled Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate, Ernest L. Boyer proposed four domains of scholarship – Discovery, Integration, Application, and Teaching. In 2009, Olivet Nazarene University adopted and slightly modified the Boyer model for faculty scholarship and added a fifth dimension, the Scholarship of Faith-Integration. While embracing these domains, Olivet supports flexibility and variety in scholarship projects within and between academic disciplines, providing every scholarship project meets the following criteria: (1) that it be a new learning project, (2) made public, and (3) evaluated by those credentialed to judge it.

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Scholarship of Community Application
The Scholarship of Community Application Domain addresses the gap between the structure of the university and the needs of society through applied research, and by connecting the knowledge of faculty members’ disciplines to community service.

Scholarship of Discovery
The Scholarship of Discovery Domain develops new lines of inquiry and practice, performs ordered data collection, and contributes to and advances knowledge.

Scholarship of Faith Integration
The Scholarship of Faith Integration Domain focuses on how one’s Christian faith informs the teaching experience, articulates impact points between Christianity and the university’s work, and cultivates and demonstrates Christian faith in practical arenas.

Scholarship of Interdisciplinary Integration
The Scholarship of Interdisciplinary Integration Domain explores the terrain between fields, interpreting and applying knowledge from diverse disciplines, particularly in how they interrelate.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Domain values the connections teachers make between their knowledge and student learning, making knowledge better understood by others, determining more ways to meet learner needs, and fostering scholarship in others.