Events from 2021


Teachers’ oral proficiency: What happens after they graduate?, Karen Leonard and Nancy Bonilla

Events from 2019

Factors in second language listening comprehension, Karen Leonard

Submissions from 2017


L2 Speaking Development During Study Abroad: Fluency, Accuracy, Complexity, and Underlying Cognitive Factors, Karen Leonard

Second Language Speaking Development During Study Abroad, Karen Leonard

Events from 2016

Insight Gained Into Oral Proficiency Development While Abroad, Nancy Bonilla

Submissions from 2013


Sinergia entre las TIC y los sistemas de gestión de aprendizaje en el aula ELE presencial (Correlation between ICT and Learning Management Systems in the L2 Spanish classroom), Jeremy W. Bachelor

Submissions from 2012


Don Quijote: Una esmerada crítica de la sociedad aún valiosa en nuestros días (Don Quixote: A Detailed Critique of Spanish Society), Jeremy W. Bachelor


Is Spanish Pragmatic Instruction Necessary in the L2 Classroom If Latin American Speakers of Spanish Take on American English Pragmatic Norms Once Prolonged Exposure in the United States Occurs? A Study on Refusal Strategies, Jeremy W. Bachelor and Lydia Hernandez