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TYGR is the student art and literary magazine for Olivet Nazarene University.

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Olivet Nazarene University


Bourbonnais, Illinois


poetry, short stories, artwork, photography, paintings, drawings


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Fiction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Nonfiction | Photography | Poetry


Table of Contents

Eric Robinson -- Torn to Mend

Rebecca Case -- Narcissus

Joshua Meo -- Slave

Chad Schumacher -- I, time

Joshua Barringer -- Winds of Change

Danielle Schadeck -- City

Joshua Meo -- Imagine

Annika Bellinger -- Who Am I?

Amanda Beck -- Song of the Unrequited

Joshua Meo -- Blue

Deborah Bentley -- Which?

Joshua Meo -- Corrupt

Alicia Hammel -- Love Vs. Hate

Tamara Jarvis -- Dream Beach

Erin Rumbley -- A Friendship I Never Dreamed Of

Mallori Lesh -- Sweet Deceptions

Danielle Schadeck -- Mudprints

Christine Becker -- Crumbling

Megan Williams -- just

Nicole Caez -- Me

Timothy Koerner -- Self Portrait #2

Adam Cheek -- Just a Piece

Laura Herbert -- Check Yes or No

Jordan Caleb Mitchell -- Untitled

Chad Schumacher -- Dali and his oils

Noelle Sefton -- Whispering Wind

Tamara Jarvis -- Winter Solitude

Jenni Bast -- Life as a Tree

Katie Bennett -- Limitations

Erin Rumbley -- Moments with a bee

Christine Becker -- Hiss

Tamara Jarvis -- Egyptian Kitty

Timothy Koerner -- Lisa

Leslee Jones -- Black Room

Ranea Surbrook -- How Much is Enough?

Tamara Jarvis -- Pink Cad

Ryan Cummings -- The Price

Timothy Koerner -- Icon #1

Jenni Bast -- The Child

Laura Herbert -- Determination

Rachel Willoughby -- Metamorphosis

Brian James Reinicke -- Eye of the Earth

Deborah Bentley -- Note from the Editor

TYGR 2003:  A Literary & Art Magazine