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TYGR is the student art and literary magazine for Olivet Nazarene University.

[Historical Muse] William Blake -- The Tyger

[Historical Muse] Franz Kafka -- The Tiger

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Olivet Nazarene University


Bourbonnais, Illinois


poetry, short stories, artwork, photography, paintings, drawings


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Fiction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Nonfiction | Photography | Poetry


Table of Contents

Anne Street -- A Note from the Editor

Alice Morrison -- Terms of a Poem

Jana Messer -- Corporate Ladder

Sue Williams -- Urban Progress

Dave Pohlmeier -- Fingerprint, Black and White Photography

Tim Thompson -- Falling Behind

Deborah Bentley -- The Market

Amanda Beck -- Remembrances: The Vietnam Wall

Mary Faw -- Insanity

Andrew Sears -- Black and White Photography

Aaron Hunt -- Ticket to the World

Erica Phelps -- Two Sides of Poverty

Jaymie Skinner -- Graphite on Paper

Deborah Bentley -- A Stranger in a Strange Land

Joshua Hans Parker -- One of Many

Teresa Miller -- Gaza

Buddy Denny -- Graphite on Illustration Board

Jennifer Robin Reed -- Jefferson Park

Philip Scott Christensen -- I go to Olivet

Margaret Taylor Burroughs -- What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black?

Christan Nicole McCoy -- Hello, I’m a Christian

Alice Morrison -- Raw U m b e r

Danielle Pospisil -- Captivated L ightly

Jennifer Robin Reed -- Noon Breezes

Kindra Arwood -- Black and White Photography

Rebecca Belcher -- The Mimosa Tree

Elizabeth Wright -- Chrysanthemums

Kristy Ingram -- Blanket

Kindra Arwood -- I Am So Cold

Mary Faw-- Colored Pencil on Paper

Mary Faw -- Calm

Rebecca Belcher -- Celebrate

Jana Hacker --The Dead of Winter

Denise Welsh -- Graphite on Paper

Heather Strous -- Thoughts in a Cemetery Garden .

Beka Bruining -- The Beginning to an Exquisite Night

Alice Morrison -- Tantrum From the Past

Jana Hacker -- Brother

Jana Messer -- I Take His Hand

Christan Nicole McCoy -- These M oments

Jill Reynolds -- Leaving

Kindra Arwood -- Leaving the Old Behind -- Black and White Photography

Dave Pohlmeier -- Black and White Photography

Judith Whitis -- It’s Not Easy

Ian Soper -- Photography

Aaron Hunt -- The Clover

Andrew Sears -- Archaically Sound -- Black and White Photography

Heather Strous -- Sam and Me

Susan Turner -- Graphite on Illustration Board

Ian Soper -- Coy -- Black and White Photography

Kindra Arwood -- Solitude

TYGR 2001:  A Literary & Art Magazine