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TYGR is the student art and literary magazine for Olivet Nazarene University.

Art by Kim Tysse, Venessa Kendall, John Small, Lisa Clements, Bill Greiner

Historical Muse:

"And what shoulder, and what art, / Could twist the sinews of thy heart?"

William Black, "The Tyger" (1794)

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Olivet Nazarene University


Bourbonnais, Illinois


poetry, short stories, nonfiction, artwork, drawings


Art and Design | Creative Writing | Fiction | Graphic Design | Illustration | Nonfiction | Poetry


Table of Contents

From The Editor’s Desk – John Small

Tomorrow’s Yesterday – Cheryl Denise Harris

Time Irretrievable – Jennifer Isch

Once Again – Kristie Miracle

Life Progression – Jeffrey A. Horsman

A Legend In Her Time – Steve Brown

What Price Love? – Mark E. Swearegene

TakeOff – Steve Sykes

The Game – Marvin Adams

Alfred – Angie Ball

Sketches On Time – Sheila Mary Gullickson

The Captive – Jeremy Childs

The Unforgettable Down – Scott Williams

Whitewashed – James A. Tew

Dreamer – John Allen Small

Remembering When – Lisa Clements

Dawn – Neal Leatherman

A Silent Song Within My Soul – Cindy Langdon

The Trail Of Tears – Jane Dunshee

Alone – Denise Roberts

What Life? – Christina Woodcock

Jake’s Friday – Lewis Stark

Mommy Left – Debra Jean Mateika

Friendship Is Like A Flower – Janas Meyer

A Sunrise In January – Matt Ulmen

Dream Montage – Judy Bird

My Imaginary Study – Sean Kipling Robisch

Change Is... – Janet Willett

The Hanger – Debi Snyder

The Lake – Carrie Grizzle

The Study Battle – Jennifer M. Pennock

Christians – Lesley Quill

Paint Your Masterpiece – Phil Hudson

Smile? I Did Once – Ann Jones

John David – Jill Janavice

The Old Soldier – John O’Brien

How Can l Help? – Beth Wilsberg

Road To Tomorrow – Dana Ingram

Changes – Leonard Avery Jr.

Ramblings Of A Sick Poet – Teri Cline

TYGR 1989:  The Literary Magazine of Olivet Nazarene University