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TYGR is the student art and literary magazine for Olivet Nazarene University.

[Historical Muse] The Tyger -- William Blake

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Olivet Nazarene University


Bourbonnais, Illinois


poetry, short stories, artwork, photography, paintings, drawings


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Table of Contents

A Young Dyeing Afghani -- Lauren Finney; Ayodele, Joy Enters the Room -- Amber Doan

Spring Children -- Amber Doan; Feather --Rachel Fiorenza; Along the Way -- Kaytee Johnston

To Blow Like Dust -- Ethan Law; Glimpses -- Zack Frye

Where Are You Robert Frost? -- Keitha Wickey; Untitled -- Anna Engelbrect

I Hid a Dune -- Faith Mingus; Born into Color -- Amber Doan

Empire -- Paige Thomas; Green Thumb -- Morgan Radzimanowski; Untitled -- Lisa Pesavento; Day Lily Buns -- Anna Englebrect

The Society that Kills -- Jadon Huddleston

The Mundane -- Emily Wynstra; Concrete -- Katrina Pageloff; Portrait of my Cuz -- Jerry Scheller; Valentine-Crouching Venus -- Amber Doan

Elegy on Replacing You with a Vacuum -- Angela Lee; Maddie -- Anna Englebrect

Cliché Contradiction -- Kathryn Williamson

Confrontation -- Britney Malloy; Amberguity -- Amber Doan

Early May -- Keitha Wickey; Hope You Love Birds 1 & 2 -- Katherine Ufkin; Self -- Rachel Fiorenza

Wings of Inspiration -- Jessica Schewe; Fairytales -- Kaytee Johnston

Let -- Ethan Law; Going West -- Allen Posey

Jazz Man -- Ian Matthews; Blades 2 -- Charlie Sheets

2009 -- Andrew Wahler; The Horrible Five -- Charlie Leimann

Balancing Act -- Laura DeMerrell; La Montagne -- Caleb Chastain

Last Words -- Ian Matthews; Variety 5 -- Terese Byrne; Drew -- Samantha J. Allen; Reappropriation, 1804 -- Daniel Oliver

Pripyat -- Emily Spunaugle; Porphyria's Lover -- Terese Byrne

The Vault of the Heart -- Jadon Huddleston; Self Portrait -- Erica Kimmel

Couture Amour -- Kaytee Johnston

Everyone Sat Quietly -- Amber Doan; Her Mother Was the Land -- Katherine Ufkin

A Letter from the Editors -- Keitha Wickey and Amber Doan

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