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This dissertation considers the role of the doctrine of divine providence in the sacramental theology of Ulrich Zwingli. This is done by treating Zwingli in the context of his personal history, his broader sacramental thought, including his treatment of the Word and preaching, and his historical development in his writings on the Lord 's Supper. The attempt is made to understand the personal importance of this doctrine for Zwingli and the way it functions within his theology of the sacraments. Each subject area and document is considered in the light of three questions. What is the relationship between human action and divine action? What is the relationship between Christ’s presence and the sacrament? What is the role and function of the sacrament? This study concludes that Zwingli’s affirmation of absolute providence consistently functions as a determinative principle in his sacramental theology, defining his foundational understanding of the sacraments and establishing the parameters of his sacramental thought.