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Lipstick Stains

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I wrote my poem “Lipstick Stains” for an assignment for my Writing Poetry class. We were told to look at a list of shapes and write out all of the ideas and images that the shapes brought to our minds. When looking at a certain shape, I was reminded of the shape of lips, leaves, pistachios, crab pincers, and kisses. The idea for the poem immediately came to me, and I based much of it on true experiences and memories from people in high school. Even the little plant cutting is real, growing only two leaves in a brown bowl in my apartment. I had always had a special sympathy for a girl I knew from high school who got pregnant. For some reason, I’ve always remembered her and wanted to be friends with her. This assignment was the perfect opportunity for me to write an inspirational poem that commemorates her bravery and vulnerability and her diminished idea of love.

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