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This piece is about the rain and the way it’s turbulence can sooth a hurting heart. Rain is constant, the one element that is present everywhere on this earth. The narrator of this poem is homesick, extremely so. She misses the liveliness of where she was born; misses the birds and the trees and the mountains--and the rain, which made everything green and bright. The place she lives now in the plains is barren, like the color has been wrung out. For half the year the world dies. However, both places are known for their constant rain in the spring and autumn; so the narrator always anticipates when storm clouds roll in because, for a few hours, it transports her back to the location of her heart, back to the place where she feels at peace. For a few hours, amidst the winds and thunder, she feels like she can breathe again. This poem is about longing for a place that now only exists in memory alone.

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