TYGR: Student Art and Literary Magazine 2018-present

About This Journal

What is Tygr?

Tygr Student Art and Literary Magazine is an annual publication that features a distinctive combination of art and literary works. Tygr’s mission is to support the arts on campus by providing Olivet students the opportunity to share their original creative work with the public. Its staff and contributing artists and authors are exclusively undergraduate students at Olivet Nazarene University. As such, Tygr adheres to Christian moral and ethical standards.

Who May Submit?

If you are an Olivet undergraduate student, you qualify! Artists and authors of any major and any year of study are encouraged to submit.

What's New?

Tygr will have a theme for this year's book. The theme for 2017-2018 is UNITY! Keep this theme in mind while writing and editing your work. Note that work does not need to fit this theme in order to be accepted for publication Also, for the first time, the staff of Tygr is offering writers and artists the chance to collaborate on their work. Do you want your short story illustrated? Do you have a work of art that would benefit from the words of a poem? In the near future (another email will be sent out with more details), there will be a meeting for writers and artists to mingle and share their visions. If you do end up collaborating with another student, there is a spot on the copyright form to indicate who it is and what the title of the other work is. Both the pieces of writing and art will be evaluated together, but that does not guarantee that BOTH works will be submitted for publication.

What May I Submit?

Literature: Poems, flash fiction, monologues, and more! Any literary work of a fictional, creative, non-autobiographical, or non-biographical nature is appropriate. Please limit the length of a literary work to 1000 words. Art: Photographs, charcoal, multi-media, pencil, water color, and more! Original art work of any medium is encouraged!

How Many Creative Works May I Submit?

Multiple submissions are encouraged! You may submit up to 6 (3 literary and 3 art) creative works this fall as well as an additional 6 (3 literary and 3 art) creative works this spring.

Will My Work be Copyrighted?

In submitting to Tygr you affirm that all work is entirely your own. We request that you fill out a copyright form for each submission to confirm that you created the piece(s) yourself and have authorized the Tygr staff to publish it in the Tygr. You will maintain the copyright to the work(s). If an art or literary work is discovered to be the property of another individual in any way it will be immediately disqualified. All instances of plagiarism will be treated as academic dishonesty.

We look forward to reviewing your work!